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A better connected football experience

FIFA 2011 is the 18th version of the game and, as you'd expect, it's a slick moving football simulator stuffed with interesting features to move you beyond the basic gameplay. The game was advertised with the slogan "We are 11", and whilst it's a play on words with the game's year in mind, it's also a big indication of the full team approach that EA Sports took when developing the game.

New Features in FIFA 2011

The basic concept of FIFA 2011 is the same as the previous 17 incarnations: pick a team, pick a tournament and guide your team to glory using your tactical expertise and gaming experience. However, this version aims to connect players with a whole host of new features:

• FIFA World - the biggest new addition is the FIFA World online platform which allows players to make and edit their own individual avatar, create and manage their own teams and compete with players from all around the world. There is still a national and international leaderboard and you can create mini-leagues with people you have "friended" on the website.

• Virtual Pro - the idea of becoming your own football superstar has been in the FIFA series since 2008, and the 2011 version of the game takes the experience online. You can still create your own player, complete with a fully editable face and body type, then take him online to compete in 5 a side and full games against other players around the world. It can be a little jerky depending on the average Internet speed of the players, but the experience is fantastic.

• Career Mode - players can now choose to be a manager, a professional footballer or combine the two in the player-manager mode, allowing you to buy and sell players, edit the training schedule, set the tactics and then play in every game that you're fit for. The managerial features from FIFA 2010 are still there, but with now more flexibility over transfer budgets and wage limits.

• Be a Goalkeeper - for the first time in the FIFA series, players are now able to create their own Virtual Pro goalkeeper and play through the career mode in this position. You can also take your goalkeeper online in 11 a side games, though many teams online choose to have the AI goalkeepers in most games as the Be a Goalkeeper mode is incredibly difficult to master, allowing teams to score easy goals at will.

• 360 dribbling - finally, the dribbling skills have been finely tuned for FIFA 2011, meaning that it's easier for player to find gaps in the defence as well as doing individual skills that become unlocked as you progress through the game. Players with higher skill ratings will pull these moves off on a much more frequent basis, meaning that there's a certain challenge to be had in trying to successfully complete a Rainbow Flick with a Luton Town defender.


  • Excellent online option
  • Virtual Pro allows for a different footballing experience
  • Be a Goalkeeper adds new challenges


  • Online gameplay can lag
  • Career mode takes a long time to set up
  • Hard to unlock achievements in certain Virtual Pro positions
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